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Comprehensive Residential Inspections

Buying a home? We are here to help you determine if your purchase is everything you think it is.

Pre-listing home inspections to make sure your home is ready for market to insure you will have a hassle free sale

Homes age just like we do. Homeowners can have the piece of mind that their home is still safe.

4 Point Inspections

4 Point Home Inspections are typically required to acquire home owners insurance on homes older than 25 years. 4 Point Inspections report on the major components of a home: Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC and the Roofing System.

Wind Mitigation

South Florida is prone to hurricane force winds. A Wind Mitigation Assessment can detail how well your home can resist wind damage. Insurance companies may discount your home owners policy rate with this report.

Property Management

Specializing in high end homes and seasonal rentals, we have the eye for potential problems before they become a costly repair.

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